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Cardigan 24 results

Patsy Cardigan Quickshop
Patsy Cardigan
River Chenille Cardigan Quickshop
River Chenille Cardigan
Sadie Striped Boyfriend Cardigan Quickshop
Sadie Striped Boyfriend Cardigan
Cooper Striped Coatigan Quickshop
Cooper Striped Coatigan
Axel Cardigan Quickshop
Axel Cardigan
Freeport Colorblock Cardigan Quickshop
Freeport Colorblock Cardigan
Wanderer Scarf Cardigan Quickshop
Wanderer Scarf Cardigan
Coldwater Canyon Hooded Cardigan Quickshop
Coldwater Canyon Hooded Cardigan
Brooks Patchwork Cardigan Quickshop
Brooks Patchwork Cardigan
Hide And Seek Cardigan Quickshop
Hide And Seek Cardigan
Sweet Spot Cardigan Quickshop
Sweet Spot Cardigan
Diem Striped Open Cardigan Quickshop
Diem Striped Open Cardigan
Edie Striped Knit Cardigan Quickshop
Edie Striped Knit Cardigan
Heavenly Fuzzy Ribbed Cardigan Quickshop
Heavenly Fuzzy Ribbed Cardigan
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Beach Bonfire Cocoon Cardigan Quickshop
Beach Bonfire Cocoon Cardigan
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Dreamers Cozy Cardigan Quickshop
Dreamers Cozy Cardigan
Total Eclipse Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan Quickshop
Total Eclipse Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan
Moonbeam Striped Fuzzy Cardigan Quickshop
Moonbeam Striped Fuzzy Cardigan
Starry Night Marled Cardigan Quickshop
Starry Night Marled Cardigan
Galaxy Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan Quickshop
Galaxy Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan
Lennox Sweater Coat Quickshop
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Lennox Sweater Coat
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 77 reviews
Riva Cardigan Quickshop
Riva Cardigan
Hani Cardigan Quickshop
Hani Cardigan
Prairie Crochet Cardigan Quickshop
Prairie Crochet Cardigan
When you're on the search for the perfect fall or winter sweater, most of you are looking for a few very particular style and comfort requirements. The Lovestitch design team had your specifications top of mind when designing the greatest sweater collection of the year! After the dreaded fall season of 2020, it's safe to say we're all looking to brighten up our wardrobe with vibrant chunky knits, uniquely patterned patchworks, and sweaters that make you smile! Classic neutral colors are essential, so Lovestitch has created their staple neutral colored cardigans (duh!). But given the mood and energy of the world this year, we're turning to brighter colors and unique details to brighten even the dreariest winter day. From lightweight transitional sweaters with chic and flirty stripes, to unexpected and unique animal print cardigans with deep side pockets, our new sweater collection has something for literally everyone!

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